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I spent Saturday at Presentation Day 2017, where final year Civil and Environmental Engineering students (from a class of 240) presented their research findings undertaken as partial fulfillment for the requirements of the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree.  The students, who had worked in pairs, should be congratulated on the high standard of their work, and presentations.

Of particular interest to me was the project presented by Bryan Chong and Weikuang Lei.  The photo shows the two students with their supervisor, Dr Tam Larkin, by their poster titled “Investigation of a 3D method of assessing the stability of a landmass”.

TAGAsoft were pleased to provide our 3D slope stability program TSLOPE to assist Bryan and Weikuang with their investigation.  TSLOPE provides insights into the behaviour of slopes that may not be evident when using 2D methods of analysis.

It is clear that we will be well served by the cohort of new graduates about to start their professional careers.

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